by Keith Peters

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One of the most enjoyable projects so far, with numerous friends adding their own interpretive contributions.


released November 1, 2011

A few key players, like Jon Alexander on steel, Jack Schuster on fiddle & mandolin, Bill Quinlivan on bass, and Kim Ricks harmonizing made all the difference. THANKS!


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Talking Stick Gainesville, Florida

Composing for the last 50 yrs, Keith aims at creating unique compositions, in a myriad of genre.
He has performed in the US and Abroad. His multi-genre band, Talking Stick is based near Gainesville FL 352-358-0080

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Track Name: Stay
1. Stay, unless you really gotta go
Stay, and spend some time with friends you know
Gonna make a big difference
What ya say to me
Only time will tell
Then we'll see
If you were meant for me

2. Stay, unless you really wanna leave
Stay, and spend a little time with me
Gonna make a big difference
What ya say to me
Only time will tell
Then we'll see
If you were meant for me

Unless, there's something pending
I hope you will change your mind
So, there'll be no regretting
If I should stay a bit past nine
Wait until tomorrow
And let the moon rise one more time

3. Stay and sing a little song with me
Stay, it could be sonic ecstasy
Gonna make a big difference
What ya say to me
Only time will tell
Then we'll see
If you were meant for me
If we were meant to be
Track Name: Hallowed Ground
1. One sunny humid day
I was floatin' down the Santa Fe
On the bank, oh, I did see
A big ole' gator starring back at me

2. I began to lose control
Fear rose up
Up from my soul
Then a wiser part of me
Picked me up, so I'd be free

Wild life is all around
Mother Nature gettin' down
Treat it like a treasure now
Standing on this hallowed ground

3. Ichetuchnee calls to me
It's nearby let's go and see
What many say may be
The best we got, conservancy

4. I was thinking what they mean to me
If they were gone
Then soon I'd be
What was for you and me
Might be lost for eternity

Track Name: Passion
1. Never knew how much I loved you
Held the torch for all these years
Tried to hide the deeper feelings
Oh, but I could sense them through the fear

2. Rising past our alter-ego
The dregs begin to fall away
How we were no longer serves us
It's time to walk a brand new way

But I think I am finally growing
Wiser as I've aged
It's our passion that sustains us
A. Love will find a way
B. Takes us to our grave

3. When we're down to just a minute
And time begins to slip away
And, we're only in the moment
Well, nothing matters but to say


4. Now, it's too late to say were sorry
Never really said good-bye
What I need is God's forgiveness
Oh, for bringing tears into your eyes
Track Name: Ahh...
1. Living on the mountain
Such a way of life
Peace and 'ole tranquility
Soothes one through the night
Little noise pollution
Cleaner air to breathe
Nothing really quite compares
To living ' mongst the trees

Something tells me we'd do well to listen to
That voice that screams within us all
And save what's left before it's
Save what's left before it's gone

2. Roaming through the prairie
Flower seeds will glide
On the wind that rustles in
On the currents floating by
Sun caress the hill side
Kiss the top of trees
Mornings birth, with all it's mirth
Is beautiful to see
Track Name: But In Your Heart
1. I wish I was a cowboy
I heard somebody
I'd ride the range on horseback
Just like olden days
Be careful what you wish for
You just might get your way
And it might not feel, too, good
So, watch what ya say

I hope you, finally, realize
That it's not outside
But in your heart

2. Thought I was an angel
'til just the other day
When I really saw myself
I was in disgrace
What is on the surface
No matter what we know
Consciousness is where it's at
Everyone can grow


3. Born into seclusion
Separated souls
We fight all life
To get it back
'cause deep inside we know
What's built upon intention
When nothing's in the way
We might get what we're wanting
So, plan for better days
Track Name: All To You
1. I can feel that you're thinking of me
How I know is, I keep thinking 'bout you
I can feel, somethings coming through

2. I believe that you somehow love me
Time will tell if I'm right or wrong
I believe somethings going on

We've had our days of desperation
Some wonder how we made it through
But it is now a different situation
To think I owe it all to you

3. I'm convinced there's a bond between us
But how we were was not OK
I'm convinced things will go our way

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